Jade Originals

In China jade is known and sought after for more than 8000 years. Jade, also called The Royal Gem in Chinese culture is of a very particular importance. It is regarded as symbol of the five cardinal virtues: wisdom, justice, mercy, humility and courage. And it is a representation of the good, precious and beautiful. Therefore Jade was made into the finest cult figures and religious objects that even were given emperors to their grave. Jade was also greatly appreciated among the Mayas and the Maori and in some cultures the emerald green jade even was more valuable than gold.

Matthias‘ jewelleries are extremely well made. His pieces focus on using original jade pieces which are sourced during his travel to many parts of the world and giving it a new breath of life by incorporating refreshing, modern and fashionable new elements yet retaining the charm and mystique of fine Asian jade.  Each piece of work is made by combining them with other materials such as silver and leather or transforming them completely into solid silver.  Also of note is the amount of detailed workmanship that is seen in these pieces; all of which are handmade.

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Silver has been mined, refined, smelted, and crafted since approximately 3000 BCE. Since that time,
silver has been reputed to have mystical powers and has played significant roles throughout the world’s
mythologies. These mythologies have varied throughout time and cultures, but the basic beliefs
regarding the powers of silver remain the same.

Antique Asian and in particular Chinese silver amulets, those that represent Buddhism, Taoism, or
Shinto are considered collectible for various reasons. People may choose to buy an Antique Asian
amulet for its religious meaning, for its cultural significance, purely as a good luck charm, simply
because they think it looks attractive, or for its value as a collectible item. Amulets were frequently
passed down through families, and their shapes and symbols often represented the region the family
was from.

The works of Matthias Dathe combines the traditions of antique Jade Art and its own mystical history
with the strong meaning of Asian Amulets. He combines Jade Originals with Silver and other materials
or transforms them completely into new Masterpieces of pure Silver.

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