letter from
hong kong

Letter From Hong Kong

Hong Kong – some describe it as ultra modern – others as overcrowded and unlivable, thinking of chaos and pollution. It is filled with all facets of man “kindness” and man “madness”– every Asian culture you can think of is present – plenty foreigners from anywhere in the world. This mixed with Hong Kong’s strong British heritage makes it is so unique.

The City is always awake and buzzing – in its glitzy avenues and dark scary alleys. From VERY LOUD … you‘ll find an easy escape to quiet, peaceful temples.

The Food: small noodle shops next to gourmet temples; yet again, where is the gourmet – yes in both – the noodle shop and next door; always fresh, always authentic; always to die for – irrespective!

The Landscape: Ocean, mountains, islands, valleys or marshlands – compressed in Hong Kong. The weather: bright blue skies and pleasant temperature; Typhoons roaring load and strong over the city and in its streets; blistering heat, heavy rains, all those powers of nature. Never really cold!

From my years of travelling to Asian countries and living in Hong Kong, I have been exposed to the long and glorious history of Asiatic jewelleries and jade objets d’arts. My pieces are inspired by the passion and love for Chinese Jade Art Crafts and the refined Art of Asian Jewelry Design which has close connection to Asian Mythology.

To me, Hong Kong is the ultimate pot of inspiration! It is the place where I began my work 15 years ago.

Greetings from Hong Kong.

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